Freunde im Küsten Dschungel bei Curitiba

Gross Familie  Deutsch Brasilianer – da hatte man noch Freunde

und keine Deppen um sich herum

In the Atlantic jungles was there one quickly. Removed few kilometers of Curitiba, it rose one rough route further. As the way ignites was I stood in front of a gate – I has arrived. My friend had invested much. 15 km “ street-construction “ and electricity installation. His property was the last property, there was only wilderness after it.
His property, some hectares of country. You need two days, you want it circulations. Jungle is said too much, neglected forest – wilderness. You received the wildlife to see hardly or not at all. Evening, the Macacas came (monkeys) in the herd. You already heard her about wide, if they hiked in the trees. Beats I never saw, that leopard just as little. Because he came at night, fishes. My friend had two ponds with ornament-fish and that, the leopard fished empty. Kolibris always came, they went to collect wasser. Junge plants at the hung up receptacles with sugar, Sambaia mainly. One solves the small roots of the log carefully, she winds moist one. At home, the pots already wait to the implants. Or implanted immediately into the earths.
Completely in the distance, one could recognize the industry installation Volvo Curitiba. But otherwise? Uncanny silence! Internet & telephone didn’t have he. TV via satellite is just dearly and 15 km telephone line would have had to pay he itself. But TV reception was good. As he bought the country, he received editions. Nature conservation & protection of the animals! He had to take care of it. He told me, many poachers came in the first time. They caught birds illegally and shot at game. He had shot dogs of these poachers over three-umpteen. As he shot dogs more and more, the poachers stayed away. He had give a water-source which so many waters that he shared the neighbors waters. A Swiss had settled in his proximity. Later, another Brazilian came into his proximity. Otherwise, 25 km until Curitiba drive, shops. In the winter, it gave wood enough. Many toppled tree, some obstructed also the way. On big chimney provided the necessary heat in the winter. He had stand three houses, one of it was the eternal construction. In all the years where I came, the construction didn’t get done.

Whether you would like the life I doubt. Animals hunt prohibited !! Nature protect it you need a gun and some dogs. Investment for a decent road to expensive electrical Energy and telephone & internet too expensive. You need a car to buy food. For your site you need to install at least one way to want to control everything. It will make you requirements for nature conservation.

Vorn ich, neben mir links  seine Schwester und er an meiner rechten Seite neben ihm seine Frau und daneben sein Vater

Wir fahren zu den Freunden – eine der zwei Mautstellen nach Curitiba

Der rote Punkt dort müssen wir hin – seine Grundstück hat eine Grösse von 12 Hecktar – rundherum nur Dschungel – um sein Grundstück zu umlaufen braucht man zwei Tage weil es keine Pfade gibt. Wasser bekam er aus den Bergen, frisch und super sauber.

Soweit das Auge reicht alles Gemüse Felder

Ich hätte bei ihm wohnen können – drei Häuser hat er dort stehen – das Angebot hatte ich


Von seinem Grundstück aus bei guter Sicht die Volvo Werke Curitiba


Hier hinten zogen jeden Abend Gruppen von Macaca vorbei mit riesen Geschrei